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In 21st Century digital era information systems (IT) have huge impact on efficiency of business. But cyber culture is developing faster than cyber security. All IT systems are made by humans and not by angels, we tend to make mistakes. Every IT system is vulnerable and at risk not only because of disloyal employees and competitors but also to pirates of digital era – cybercriminals. “DSS” provides information security services to help companies of all sizes protect their IT security assets.  

Application Security


Application Security is a tool kit from multiple security solutions (AppScan+IPS+XForce), developed to manage, overwatch and secure the use of applications

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IBM Security AppScan (formerly, IBM Rational AppScan) portfolio delivers the expertise and critical application lifecycle management and security platform integrations necessary to empower enterprises to not just identify application vulnerabilities but also reduce overall application risk. The IBM Security AppScan portfolio includes dynamic application security testing (DAST) and static application security testing (SAST)—as well as innovative technologies like glass-box testing and run-time analysis that keep up with the latest threats and drive precise, actionable results.

IBM Security AppScan Enterprise is a scalable solution to help resolve application security vulnerabilities, offering intelligent fix recommendations to simplify remediation.

IBM Security AppScan Enterprise software offers advanced application security testing and risk management with a platform that drives governance, collaboration and security intelligence throughout the application life cycle. With this strategic approach to application security and risk management, IBM Security AppScan Enterprise provides:



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