Then "Network Security" now "Security Intelligence"

The critical way of helping inform our technologies within an organization is, you can't just look inside anymore and we can't just have the basics that are known threats, we really want to have real-time research and threat data coming into our products. This will be information not just about viruses and signatures, but situation awareness, a categorization of the bad stuff that's happening out on the internet, the bad websites you shouldn't go to, the phishing sites, the spam sites, the botnet controllers, they're changing all the time actually.

Network access control is an ideal solution to help you optimize the productivity and accessibility of your network without compromising your enterprise security. Today, most attacks come from inside your network, bypassing the security provided by traditional firewalls and IPS systems.

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Tight security can be built on trusted cooperation, so e-signatures and authentification plays a grat role in this part of Data Security

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With the increased demand for mobility and the rapid adoption of smart devices, wireless networks are quickly becoming a critical component of network infrastructures across virtually every enterprise. But as these networks evolve, the cost and complexity of legacy controller based WLAN solutions are becoming increasingly cumbersome to manage and expensive to scale.

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Unstructured data in organizations is exploding and out of control. It encompasses all distinct files—documents, images, spreadsheets, videos and audio files—stored on servers, NAS devices and in semi-structured repositories like SharePoint.

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No one wants to think that a security breach will happen. But the reality is that the volume and variety of security attacks is rising. And today’s attackers are clever and patient, often leaving almost no evidence that they were even there.

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“In collaboration with system integrator Data Security Solutions, we looked at different vendors and compared them to each other. Finally, we selected VASCO for its best price/performance ratio”.
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