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Seminārs "Hakeri, digitālās ekonomikas riski un iespējas"

Did you know?

In just a brief fifteen years, our communication, commercial and social lives have been dramatically altered by the development and growth of the Internet. With the convenience and bounty of this medium, has also come a dark side.  Just as the famous bank robber, Willy Sutton, once said when asked why he robbed banks, "That's where the money is", crime has migrated to the Internet following the money. As e-commerce has growth, so has e-crime. In a few short years, cyber-crime has become a leading crime category in the wired world, costly the global economy $338 billion in 2011. This is approximately equivalent to the entire GDP of Austria, the world's 27th largest economy.  Now, a new, darker frontier in the history of the Internet is being breached and its impact is likely to even larger than cyber-crime on the global economy and global geo-politics, cyber warfare. This short article will attempt to define and elaborate on what cyber war is and the key issues all nations state must address before responding and retaliating to a cyber-war attack.

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