“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”
― Albert Einstein

The perfect combination of technology and intelligence “DSS” provides information security services based on world’s #1 and most innovative technologies from all across the globe to help companies of all sizes protect their IT security assets. Specialization of “DSS” for many years has been transfer of innovations to local pan-Baltic market.

IMB Security Systems

Because IT security is now a board room discussion

We’re in a perfect IT security storm. Hackers are more sophisticated, your data is increasingly accessed anytime and anywhere and often resides in the cloud. Fewer access points are corporately-controlled, and there is a growing digital data explosion while the compliance demands on staff and systems escalate.

These trends mean corporate IT security can no longer be an afterthought where a secure perimeter is good enough. Instead, security intelligence preventing, detecting and addressing system breaches anywhere must start in the boardroom and become part of your organization’s IT fabric. It is now imperative to be woven into your everyday business operations.

IBM Security Systems has capabilities across the 4 dimensions - people, data, applications and infrastructure.  Any other vendor who claims that today is really stretching the truth. There’s an amazing layer of intelligence across IBM’s Security Systems coverage of these 4 dimensions that allows you to do intelligence analytics and Governance, Risk and Compliance.


Bringing IBM’s security software and hardware products into one unified team enables IBM and IBM’s Business Partners such as “Data Security Solutions” to develop the integrated strategy and roadmap needed in today’s world of ever-increasing security complexity.
We are building our team of technology vendor and system’s integrator to provide a single voice of IBM security for the client and to support the CISO in developing the secure and efficient operational environments that they envision.

IBM Security framework


With more than 6,000 researchers, developers and subject matter experts engaged in security initiatives, IBM operates one of the world’s broadest enterprise security research, development and delivery organizations. This powerful combination of expertise is made up of the award-winning X-Force research and development team—with one of the largest vulnerability databases in the industry—and includes nine security operations centers, nine IBM Research centers, 14 software security development labs and the IBM Institute for Advanced Security with chapters in the United States, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

IBM currently monitors more than 13 billion security events per day for its clients in more than 130 countries. IBM has the consultants and expertise to help any organization move toward optimized, integrated security controls with Security Intelligence.

So whether your risks are due to advanced threats, mobile access, cloud infrastructure, compliance issues, or you're looking to analyze big data for security insights, the tools and expertise from IBM Security solutions can help you proactively:

 Integrated Intelligence

 Integrated research

 Integrated protection

  • Consolidate and correlate siloed information from hundreds of sources
  • Designed to help detect, notify and respond to threats missed by other security solutions
  • Automate compliance tasks and assess risks
  • Stay ahead of the changing threat landscape
  • Designed to help detect the latest vulnerabilities, exploits and malware
  • Add security intelligence to non-intelligent systems
  • Customize protection capabilities to block specific vulnerabilities using scan results
  • Converge access management with web service gateways
  • Link identity information with database security

Fully integratet Security Intelligence

IBM Security Systems is a framevork suit, assembled from world's top security products and solutions, such as Qradar SIEM, Qradar Risk manager, Qradar Log manager and Rational AppScan