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From its establishement on 2010 the company DSS has delivered 100+ quality and complex cybersec projects with completed customer satisfactory reviews, case studies, success stories from which some selected ones are or were used in vendors internal training or global success projects directory portals.

Citadele banka & MobileIron

AS Citadele Banka has implemented MobileIron MobileFirst solution, a leader in mobile device, application and document management, to provide employees with secure access to e-mail and documents on both iOS and Android devices. This solution is be the basis for the Bank’s upgraded Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, which allows employees to access corporate data in a secure manner 24 hours a day from any mobile device.

Latakko & Veriato

Latakko needed a solution to both help prevent insider threats and monitor employee activity. “With insider threats in the international news nearly every day, we wanted to take whatever steps necessary to prevent these types of issues now rather than have to react to any problems after the fact, which can be extremely expensive,” said Rimants Karanausks, CSO, Latakko.

Signet & MobileIron

“As a bank we are fully committed to ensuring the highest level of client confidentiality and data accuracy for our customers,” said Uldis Bielis, head of information security for Signet Bank Europe. “We needed the right enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider to help us maintain our high security standards on mobile devices, and that’s why we chose MobileIron,” he said.

Ergo & Vasco

To guarantee a safe log-on for every salesman to access the corporate internal database, both at the office and remotely – from anywhere in the world, ERGO had to search for a high-quality solution. “In collaboration with system integrator Data Security Solutions, we looked at different vendors and compared them to each other. Finally, we selected VASCO for its best price/performance ratio,” says Mr. Bairs. ERGO decided to implement DIGIPASS technology in combination with IDENTIKEY Server.


Today, IBM QRadar security platform helps the ABLV security team consolidate and analyze data from more sources than was previously possible, providing staff with superior threat detection and a rich view of enterprise activity.