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IBM QRadar SIEM system integration

“DSS” is the specialized in QRadar Security Intelligence SIEM Platform as IBM Security Systems GOLD/Premier/SOAR Expert Level partner since 2011 with certified engineers, experience of more than 50 installations, more than 20 enterprise level SIEM projects references in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. 

DSS is IBM Business Partner #1 in the Baltic States in 2018.

“DSS” provides full scope of QRadar related services including QRadar System integration, consulting, advantage level technical support and knowledge transfer services.

DSS QRadar Pro Advantage

“DSS QRadar Pro Advantage Services” is the budled Solution based on IBM QRadar SIEM Platform that is contiously being provided to its customers and offered to IBM QRadar SIEM users. Aside to Basic implementation the Solution packages wider scope of tasks and benefits customers with many features.

The Solution key features are:

  1. Advanced Use Cases
  2. Advanced Reporting
  3. Threat Hunting
  4. Continuous maintenance of unsupported log sources
  5. Continuous system up-tuning
  6. Risk Modelling and Compliance Reporting
  7. Continuous Knowledge Transfer to threat hunters, SOC analysts, security administrators
  8. Investigation’s Assistance

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