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Over the past few years, the requirements for the Information Technology (IT) services increased in geometric progression. They have grown not only quantitatively by variety of IT services, but also qualitatively – availability of the types of IT service, high-speed, and security. It is a natural growth, as more and more companies are increasing business dependence on IT services, their quality, and operability.

To support the constantly raising demands of corporate operations, IT managers have to find a solution to growing lack of qualified specialists in maintenance. This also applies to quality assurance and regular IT trainings. It is not a secret that IT trainings require a lot of precious time and financial resources that are always missing. Additional problems arise while facing the increase of requirements for system availability, as system maintenance and technical support may demand significant resources. To be able to qualitatively solve the above problems Data Security Solutions provides Technical Support DSS Advantage® services to its customers.


  • Remote support of problematic cases;
  • On-site support for customers in case of accidents;
  • Proactive maintenance activities:
    • “health” checks;
    • configuration analysis;
    • problem alerts/notifications form vendor.
  • Support in cooperation with the manufacturer (Standard support);
  • Dedicated specialist (s) that will not only help to solve problems, but also can answer “What is the best way to…?” type of questions;
  • Seminars on data security and related technologies.
Available 7×5 (09:00 – 17:00)Available 9×5 (08:00-18:00)Available 9×5 (08:00-18:00)
Response time – 2hResponse time –  1hResponse time  – 1h
On-site support IncludedOn-site support Included
Man-days per year: 6 days per yearMan-days per year: 12 days per year
Problems are solved with a higher priorityProblems are solved with a higher priority
Technical trainingsTechnical trainings
All services are provided in Latvian, Russian, and English languages.


  1. Remote consultations 9×5 about data security products

 SIA DATA SECURITY SOLUTIONS provides technical support for data security products 9 hours per day, 5 days a week. Any case response time is less than 1h and the priority, urgency and importance (see. 5) is determined by the customer. Case can be opened via e-mail or by telephone. In case resolution time, as a communication tool also can be used Skype or a similar alternative. Technical support is provided by highly skilled and certified security solution specialists.

  1. Onsite support on workdays from 09:00 until 18:00

DATA SECURITY SOLUTIONS ADVANTAGE customers can appeal to the DSS Technical Support with a request to visit the customer in order to help solve high priority problems or implement a system performance optimization. DSS Technical support team will evaluate the request and arrange with the client about the visit and the executable work.

DATA SECURITY SOLUTIONS ADVANTAGE customers are able to use DSS onsite technical support 6 man days per year (12 days for ADVANTAGE + customers). By prior arrangement with the customer on dates and times, as well as, the necessary work that will be delivered.

Work That DSS Technical support provides:

  • Solution settings configuration;
  • Solution software update;
  • Fault diagnosis and prevention;
  • Health-Check;
  • Employee training.
  1. Problem registration (Helpdesk)

DATA SECURITY SOLUTIONS ADVANTAGE customers are able to report any problem to our Helpdesk ([email protected]), by sending e-mail with problem description. Our Helpdesk system will automatically open new problem case and will assign it to our technical specialists.

  1. Technical support in Latvian, Russian and English languages

DATA SECURITY SOLUTIONS technical support team provides support in Latvian language. According to customer needs, communication can take place also in Russian or English.

  1. The problem solving in four priority levels

The case priority level is determined based on the importance and urgency of the problem. Case priority is set by the customer in agreement with the technical support specialist at the time of problem reporting.

 Any priority level case will have response time of less than 1 hour. Problem solving will be initiated immediately after registration. All cases are assigned to the most appropriate specialist, with the exception of “The first level of importance of the issues”, when the case can be assigned to several specialists.

 There are four priority (the importance, the urgency) levels where 1 is the highest priority and 4 the lowest:

       “First priority level case” has questions about the problems with the highest priority, which is defined as critical and leaves a strong negative impact on the customer’s production environment and / or makes it generally inaccessible. The first level of priority issues for technical support specialists join forces and constantly address the issue until a solution is found.

 “The second priority level case” has questions about the problems that seriously affect the customer’s production environment, but does not make it completely inaccessible and not critical to the customer. After registration, the second priority level application solving is delegated to the most appropriate available specialist.

 “Third priority level case” has questions about the problems arising from documentation failures, malfunction or errors of different applications, resulting in exposure. Third priority level of the client applications are not critical.

 “Fourth-level priority case” has questions about the nuances of documentation, certifications, practices and real applications, as well as, various technologies and related problems.

 By the customer request, case priority can be changed. The priority can be increased or decreased. The customer may change priority of the case by providing appropriate reasoning for the change.

  1. Fast response to all levels of cases

Any importance, urgency level case response time is less than 1h. First and second priority level case solving is started immediately after registration. Third and fourth priorities level case solving is started immediately after registration, if the registration is done during DATA SECURITY SOLUTIONS technical support business hours, if the registration is done after working hours, the case solving starts the next business morning.

  1. Help in working with related technologies and “What is the best way to…?” Type of questions

In addition to the problematic questions regarding data security solutions, DATA SECURITY SOLUTIONS ADVANTAGE support customers can turn to the DSS Technical Support with questions about specific data security solutions, as well as to consult on “What is the best way too…?” types of questions.

  1. Continuous work on critical and high priority issues

On the critical and high-priority level problems DATA SECURITY SOLUTIONS technical specialists work in a continuous mode. In such cases available responsible specialist must be provided from customer’s side.

  1. Conferences and seminars on data security solutions and related topics.

DATA SECURITY SOLUTIONS ADVANTAGE customers every year is offered to attend various seminars organized by DSS for data security and related topics.